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CattLeLogos is a
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Business Enterprise


CattLeLogos® offers a menu of prepackaged and custom services designed to enhance the brand value of small, medium and large businesses, regardless of their brand's current strength.

From forming your brand strategy to developing your brand to managing and implementing it and lastly to creating positive brand experience, CattLeLogos takes you to where you need to be.

Service Offers

  • Brand Basic
  • Brand Plus
  • Brand Professional
  • Branding Seminars
  • Brand Basic

    What Is It: Our stand-alone starter is a sixty or ninety minute strategy session for your key staff focusing on how good brand practices can add to sales and marketing, and answering the questions: What is a brand? Why should you care? And how does it stack up?
    Target Audience: Anyone interested in understanding their current brand value.
    Benefits: CattLeLogos reviews your brand materials and messages, and provides a written summary of recommended improvements to your vision, message and image.
    Price: Affordably priced around $400, email us for a quote.

    What Is It: A collection of the key separates needed for building and managing a brand. Elements include: business identity package, basic message platform, basic web site, and tactical marketing recommendations.
    Target Audience: Small and medium-sized companies starting a new business, or wanting to develop a more consistent brand identity and clearer messages.
    Benefits: CattLeLogos and you rework your vision, image and messages, and create just enough means to bring your brand to market efficiently.
    Price: Mix and match to your specifications; email us for a quote.

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    Brand Plus

    What Is It: A collection of the tools, templates and training necessary for facilitating the internal branding process and improving your brand's appearance on the desktop. Elements include: branded templates for any desktop application, clip art libraries, writing services, training, and detailed marketing plans.
    Target Audience: Small, medium, and large-sized companies who already have a basic business identity but want to integrate branding into their daily business.
    Benefits: Increase your professionalism with a consistent look for desktop published presentations, newsletters, proposals et al. Add hours to your productivity by reducing the time spent creating company materials.
    Price: Mix and match to your specifications; email us for a quote.

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    Brand Professional

    What Is It: A collection of the tools, coaching, methods and procedures that helps integrate brand management into your internal and external business processes. Elements can include: in-depth situation analysis, strategic and action plan development, an expanded CattLeLogos Method, cultural/environmental assessments, and creating positive brand experience.
    Target Audience: Small, medium, and large-sized companies who expect a successful brand, and demand efficiency in its support.
    Benefits: Stronger market awareness of your products and services. Consistency in all forms of customer interaction. Branding as a business' core value.
    Price: Priced per engagement; contact us for a proposal.

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